Overheating, battery dies suddenly, screen coming off body!


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Aug 12, 2013
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Hi everyone, first post.. and it isn't s good one!

I got my HTC One on EE in the UK back in June, loved it from the start.. my first Android device.

First problem began in July, the device stopped sending/receiving texts and calls even though there was perfectly good signal. Could get it to work for a short time if I took the SIM out and put it back in, but then same problem after one or two calls were made. This was sorted out with a new SIM, panic over!

Then, a few weeks ago I noticed that the screen was beginning to come away from the body on the left side. At first, it wasn't too bad and I could stick the screen back down. At the same time, the phone was overheating to the point it was too hot to handle the phone for very long. This usually happens when watching movies, or YouTube etc. So, I assume it is so hot that it is actually melting the glue holding the screen in place.

Soon after this, the battery began misbehaving. It suddenly dies at around 40%, no warning, nothing. Dead. I'm unable to turn the phone back on until I get to my charger. I'm never doing anything intensive either, mainly it dies in my pocket when I'm not even using the phone.

Now, the screen is coming away from the body quite a bit. I'm no longer able to stick it back down. The phone is still overheating, and still dying at 40% charge. I contacted EE to see where I stand on getting a replacement but since I don't have insurance I have to send it to HTC for repair.. or alternatively I can take my handset to an EE store and they will give me a loan phone while my One is being repaired. Whatever, I'm not here to discuss my consumer rights but it sounds a bit dodgy that they are saying we no longer send out replacement phones after a 14 day period of you receiving it. I know EE/Orange used to, as my partner went through 5 HTC Mozarts before she got one that worked properly, she had no insurance. But, that was two or three years ago now and probably before the EE takeover.

Anyway, has anybody else seen, heard of or experienced this with the HTC One. I know that the phone being shipped with screens not flush with the body was common. But, I haven't seen anything like what I am experiencing. Can anybody offer some advice on what might be causing the phone to overheat? Or causing the battery to die suddenly. To me, it would be too much of a coincidence for these issues to be unrelated. I've never dropped the phone, or abused it in any way.


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Oct 23, 2013
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i purchase my HTC one in june 2013 suffering exactly what you stated, i put it into repair for the repairers to state it was water damaged

ipersonnaly believe its a manufacturing issue which causes the battery to malfuction through over heating which in turn melts the adhesive down both the left and right sides roughly at the mid point, so disapointed with EE repairers

suspect with all the other reviews it a bad batch

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