PC Gaming Headset to Samsung Moment Adapter


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Mar 8, 2010
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The Samsung Moment comes with a headset that is an earbud, with the microphone hanging down from the left earbud. It works just fine, but the earbuds tend to fallout of my ears, even when I am sitting at a desk.

I have a PC gaming headset that has two connectors, one for the standard 3.5mm microphone and another for the standard 3.5mm speaker connector. I would rather use the PC gaming headset with the my Samsung Moment.

See the image attached to this post showing the metal parts of the connectors, the earbud connector on the left and the two PC gaming headset connectors on the right. Notice that the earbud connector has three connectors whereas the PC gaming headset microphone and speaker connectors have only two. Even though the PC gaming headset speaker connector fits the Samsung Moment's female plug, of course there is no microphone signal connecting there. What I need, and I have searched and not found, is an adapter that can connect the two PC gaming headset 3.5mm connectors into a single Samsung Moment female plug.

So, I am trying to find a supplier that makes an adapter that adapts the PC gaming headset adapter into the Moment's female plug.

All the web searches turned up various adapters that do not do exactly what I want to do, hence my post here. All I have found are things like n-by-1 plugs that allow multiple people to share music from one cell phone, which is not it. I must not be using the right search terms because I would have thought this would be something that many people would like to do.

Granted, the electronics here is not all that complex. If I get desperate, I could hack together my own plug, but I first want to see if such an adapter really exists before I take that route.