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Mar 17, 2014
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There has to be a simple fix for using the people app on htc one.

1) SHARING: I cant share my contacts/vcards with anyone via sms,mms, or email after installing kit kat. If I try to sms the contact, it trys to send through the stock messaging app. And we all know "the man" wants me to use hangouts as my default messaging app now days. In settings my default messaging app is set as hangouts but my people app wants to send it through the old stock app, which doesn't work.

Also, I can't email it because it wants to send through stock email app. Not gmail, which handles all my email accounts. It makes me set up an email acct and doesn't give me a gmail option. Do we really have to manually set up a gmail acct when using android? (Theres auto settings for yahoo, aol, microsoft exchange, etc. But no gmail)

Also, I can't copy a phone number or email and paste in sms or email because it won't let me copy in people app. I have to memorize and retype.

2) SEARCHING: I can't search my contacts by their organization name or title. I can change the settings in people app to search by "company", but I can't input a contact's "company". I can only input their "organization" or "title", which is not searchable in the settings.

There's no way something this simple is screwed up by android and htc. Has to be my error. I just have no idea. Whats my issue here???


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Dec 28, 2012
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A few points:

1) When you try to send via SMS, do you get an error? I get a "network error". I am using Handcent as my default sms app.

2) I get the same result trying to use mail, so its not you.

3) In order to copy a contact's information, you have have to enter 'edit contact'. Kinda goofy.

4) I just tried searching by 'organization' and got the same result. I have to agree with you about that not being a good thing.

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