permanently killing apps?


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Nov 12, 2009
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I don't use the alarm clock feature on my phone, not to say I wont' ever, but so rarely that having it run constantly seems pointless.

I've got the Advanced Task killer app, and I kill the alarm clock, but it just comes back. I've cleared all of the preset alarms (even though they weren't "armed") I've went through all the options, and I see nothing.

Why does this app keep showing up in my active task list?

I've noticed this with several apps, they keep coming back even if i don't use them in any way shape or form. They are:

Alarm Clock
Corporate Calendar

I kill them and they just come right back after 5 or 10 minutes, even if I haven't used my phone.

Any ideas how to kill them and make them stay dead until i actually use them? or uninstall them for that matter (except maybe settings, that one seems importantly LoL)

Roy Aguilera

Not possible at the moment. I would like to permanently kill a couple of apps. Better yet delete them completely.