Peter Chou - Is he HTC?s savior or obstacle to revival?


May 15, 2010
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Insight: Peter Chou - Is he HTC?s savior or obstacle to revival?
By Jeremy Wagstaff and Clare Jim
August 20, 2013

SINGAPORE/TAIPEI (Reuters) - Now in his tenth year as CEO of HTC Corp, Peter Chou is lauded as the architect of the Taiwanese firm's award-winning smartphones. But as the company's fortunes have dived, some insiders say he's now an obstacle to any revival.

Rocked by internal feuding and executive exits, and positioned at the high-end of a smartphone market that is close to saturation, HTC has seen its market share slump to below 5 percent from around a quarter five years ago; its stock price is at 8-year lows, and it has warned it could make a first operating loss this quarter.

Reuters interviewed a dozen former and current HTC executives who said Chou's abrasive management style and weak strategic vision play their part in the company's decline, which has coincided with the success of Apple Inc's iPhone and Samsung Electronics' Galaxy phones.

Insight: Peter Chou - Is he HTC