Phone call can't hear me away from the full call screen


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Apr 17, 2015
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I've googled this and looked here, but can't find anything. When I'm on a call and the 'call screen' in on the display (full screen with number, mute, keypad, speaker and add call buttons), the call is fine. When I navigate away from that screen and try to check something else on my phone, then the other side cannot hear me (I can hear them). When I go "back to call" with the circular contact, everything is fine. Mute button is not activated. It really stinks as there are many times when you need to check stuff while on a call. I googled and couldn't find anything. I convinced my wife to get a 6a and now she has the same problem. I would have thought they would have fixed the problem, but now we both have it. I hate it (this phone really stinks), but now I have to tell her that she can't talk and use her phone at the same time. That will not be pleasant as she uses it a lot for work. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Feb 2, 2017
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That is such an odd problem. Especially when your wife has it as well. I have the 6 Pro and have never had this issue. Android 13 will be released very soon. Hoping that will address your problem. It would be worth sending some feedback to Google and logging it as an issue. Another place to let Google directly know and you may get some help as well is on Reddit. The Subreddit GooglePixel is very good and the Google team monitors it.

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