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Aug 19, 2020
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What is the difference in this dialer and my regular phone dialer? I have samsung s10

Katelyn put on a stretchy white tank top that clung to her cone shaped breasts alluringly and a pair of short gray gym shorts. She lay in bed watching the plasma TV on the wall opposite the bed and tried flipping through magazines, but nothing caught her interest. She kept looking at the clock and wondering what Hayley was doing. Katelyn was trying to concentrate on Late Night with Conan O'Brien but was getting more and more agitated that Hayley was not yet home. I'm like a mother waiting for her daughter to come home from a date she thought to herself, but she knew she wasn't having maternal feelings. As much as she hated to admit it, Katelyn knew she was jealous that the pretty blonde nanny was out on a date.

At 2 am, Katelyn heard a car door slam, and she heard Hayley enter the house---quite noisily actually. Katelyn heard her heels on the tile as she went to her room. The pretty brunette snapped off her bedside light, but sleep eluded her .

For some reason she felt compelled to check on the younger girl. Quietly, she strolled down the hall toward Hayley's room, not quite sure exactly what she was doing. The door to the bedroom was ajar, and Katelyn peeked in. Hayley had thrown her clothes in a heap on the floor and was lying on her back on the bed. Her large breasts were bare, and she wore only a pair of silky blue panties. Her eyes were closed and her shiny hair was spread over the white pillowcase beneath her. Katelyn felt a tightening between her legs as she looked at the scantily clad girl. She closed the door slightly and was starting to leave when she heard, "Don't go."

Hayley opened her eyes and leaned up on her elbows, her breasts full, and her pink nipples standing at attention. "Come in, Katelyn," she said quietly, and Katelyn entered the room .

"Did you have a nice time?" Katelyn asked, trying to keep her tone casual.

Hayley nodded and beckoned to the older woman. Katelyn found herself perching on the edge of the bed and looking down at Hayley's pretty face. Hayley's head was back down on the pillow, but she raised her arms toward Katelyn and started drawing her close. Katelyn knew she should get up but somehow she just couldn't move. She let Hayley pull her down until their noses were touching and then Hayley's mouth was on hers, kissing her ravenously. She smelled alcohol on the younger woman's breath---not an unpleasant smell. Hayley's soft tongue was pressing against hers, and she felt shivers going up and down her spine. Hayley was moaning, and then she giggled and hiccupped. She broke the kiss and grasping Katelyn's hand, pressed it to her bare breast. "Oh God, Katelyn, touch me," she begged.

Katelyn couldn't believe she was feeling another woman's breast under her hand for the first time. The nipple was so hard against her palm. Katelyn closed her hand around the soft mound, lifting it, enjoying the weight of it in her hand. Before she knew it Hayley was sitting up, grabbing the bottom of the brunette's tank top and starting to raise it.

"I want to touch yours'," Hayley said as she pulled the stretchy top over Katelyn's head.

"Oh God, they're gorgeous," Hayley said and giggled again. "They're so pointy, like torpedoes or something."

She was groping Katelyn's pointy breasts, breathing hard as she looked at them in her hands. God, she's so drunk, Katelyn thought as she watched Hayley's fingers close around her plum-colored nipples. A moment later, conscious thought left her.

Katelyn was too aroused to stop anything that was happening. Having her breasts touched had never felt this good. She put her own hands back on Hayley's heaving mounds and lifted each one in her hands. Hayley moaned and her hands fell from Katelyn's flesh.

"Suck them, Katelyn. Pleeese," she begged, even more fervently than before.

Katelyn didn't hesitate. She lowered her mouth to one hard pink nipple and began to suck it. Hayley moaned and arched her back. The nipple felt wonderful against Katelyn's tongue, and she was lost in the softness of the flesh when she noticed that Hayley was suddenly lying very still. Katelyn raised her head and saw that Hayley was lying back on the pillow with her eyes closed--- and she had passed out.

Katelyn sat there staring at the young girl, trying to get her breathing back to normal. Suddenly, she had an uncontrollable urge to look inside Hayley's panties. She couldn't believe what she was about to do, but she felt powerless to stop herself. Slowly, very slowly, she pulled on the silky material until it was hugging Hayley's soft white thighs and the girl was exposed to her. Katelyn's blue eyes were fixated on the naked flesh that she had secretly stolen glances at from the hot tub. She reached down tentatively and spread the outer lips to peer into the innermost parts of her sexy blonde nanny.
Katelyn looked at the soft pink clitoris and the inner lips and when her eyes traveled to the opening between the girl's legs she clearly saw that a stream of white ***** was spilling out. God, she slept with him, Katelyn thought to herself. She felt a tangle of emotions that she was helpless to unravel. Almost as if her hand didn't belong to her, she found it reaching toward the dripping hole. She took two fingers and wiped at the sticky white liquid that was dripping out. Then Katelyn knew her body was working involuntarily as she put her fingers first to her nose and sniffed them and then into her mouth, sucking off the juices that clung to her fingers.
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