Phone died, clicking noise while plugged in from USB-C port

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I have a Huawei Honor 8, though I doubt the type of phone really matters. It just died about a week ago. It won't charge, isn't recognized as being plugged in to a computer. Nothing, it's a brick at the moment.

I took it to a repair shop and they said it might be the battery, so I just bought my own battery and was going to replace it myself for the $10 it cost instead of the $100 they wanted to charge.

The new battery didn't do anything, but while I had the back off I noticed that when the charger cord is plugged in the USB-C port makes a clicking noise over and over again (about twice per second).

Is this normal? (I have another Honor 8 and I can't hear it clicking while plugged in). Could it be the charging port is bad and that's why the phone isn't working, or would the new (assuming partially charged) battery make it work even if the port/board was bad?

I don't want to keep buying parts for it and wasting money.


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Nov 20, 2015
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never heard clicking from my Honor 8 either. I would assume as well that if it was the battery it would at least start with the partial charge on the new one. sounds like something might have shorted out on the board.