Phone keeps crashing/rebooting/fuzzy screen/"bootloader exception"


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Jan 27, 2015
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So my girlfriend has a s7 edge, for the past week shes been complaining about her phone keeps on crashing/freezing then reboots several times and sometimes shows a half fuzzy screen (almost like a static tv).

Last night she said it kept happening and then it went blank for a while then came on a screen stating "bootloader exception" she held down the power button/volume button or something and it seemed to have brought the phone back to life. Now after that the phone still kept freezing/crashing. Took it to a Samsung store earlier today and they took the phone in for an hour and said the problem hasn't occurred once but can see from the logs there was an error and they have fully wiped the phone. It seemed fine at first but now it has been doing the same thing over and over. Cannot use the phone for more than 10 mins without it going crazy.

Just to clarify, the phone is not rooted or anything only had it for 6 weeks (still within warranty hence why samsung did take the phone in). Although she did say she downloaded a photo collage app from the store and reckons it has started from that but not 100% sure. But am sure if this was the case a simple factory wipe would have resolved the issue? (i have also wiped the cache partition).

Someone please help us! Shes been crying non stop!!!


Mar 6, 2012
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Hmm. Samsung said the bootloader exception didn't happen when they were tinkering with it? I feel like I don't believe that, but who knows! Can your girlfriend go and get a replacement device if her phone is still under warranty?

Gayle Lynn

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Jun 20, 2016
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Agree sounds like hardware.

Just to be sure, but dropping can cause internal components to shift and touch each other.

Heat? Memory exception? Read/write error, exception.

Try testing with Geekbench 4, monitor thermal, I use AIDA64 but others.

I would think the service center would have a diagnostic approach and set of tools to test and didn't do so.

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