Phone partly rooted, how can I fix it?


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Phone partly rooted

I've got a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, where I rooted it ontop of a root since the original root didn't work. It worked fine until I updated it 8 months ago. Battery time decreased but it still worked perfectly fine. Now lately I received the bug with VR glasses appearing when I connected my USB charger. In hopes of fixing the bug, I updated the phone and now it's completely ****. It turns on and off, has 80 percent power, turns off, it has 10 percent, goes on and off every thirty minute and is generally unstable. Freezes 24/7 and screen goes on and off. The VR glasses bug disappeared after I removed dust from the port to the USB charger on my phone.

Often a message appears in Recovery Mode, could not boot and I have to withdraw the battery from it and put it in again after 10 seconds.

So is it possible to fix it? I've already had it checked where all the drivers were updated. I can't exactly sent it in as the KNOX warranty is gone.

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