Phone ringing but no incoming call, the only way to stop the ringing is to restart the phone

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I have a Samsung Galaxy 21 ultra. Occasionally (1-3 times a month) I will notice that I have had a missed call that I never heard a ringtone for even though I had the volume buttons on!! Other times I realized that the volume had gotten turned off mysteriously so I go to turn it up. I will then turn up the volume and my phone will be ringing but no current call is happening. There is no way to stop the ringing so I have to restart the phone. The other thing that I noticed when this is happening is the other volume settings will have been turned down to zero as well, even though I had them set all around the middle volume. I'm just curious if anybody else is having this happen. Try googling it but I'm not really sure what to even call it!!


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Dec 6, 2011
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If it is happening that infrequently it will be hard to have the phone in Safe Mode indefinitely waiting. It is most likely an app that is causing this but finding that app may be difficult.

First things first, you should probably register so that you can communicate with us and we can ask direct questions to you with some hope of getting a response.

Second we should move this to the S21 threads where other S21 users can chime in with their thoughts ideas and experience.

In the meantime, why do you think it is ringing? Ringing makes it sound like you're receiving a call, is this tone your default ringtone? If so have you changed your ringtone to see if this phantom ring changes also?

Do you have that tone set for any app?

Have you tried removing any permissions? If this were me, I might try removing Phone permission from all apps. This wouldn't be a permanent change as any app needing phone permission would ask for the permission again when needed.

Have you cleared any caches? Use the Battery and device care app in your Settings drawer and use the Optimize now function. Settings>Battery and device care>Optimize now (button in the center of that screen).

Let us know what you find and we'll offer help from there....