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cracked maxx

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Jun 15, 2012
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I just bought a droid maxx, called a few shops mear me and one shop owner said oh I can get it to work on pageplus for you. so I brought it to him,hours of waiting I left it with him. seven hours and I went to pick it up,he was still trying to make it work and while I am walking into the store I see him on his cell and as I walk toward his counter he drops his cell on my maxx. cracked a nice line though the middle of the screen. then the only people that can flash the phone is in dallas. well now have a digitizer is on order and sent my phone to the end. bad luck. the moral to this is either do it yourself or find real phone mecanics to the job. but I do like the phone, better size and works very well.:D

P.S. use a good sceen protector and never put them in your pocket and use a belt case!

I've seen the ones on e bay with all the cracked sceens, wonder why so many? YIPS!

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