Phone turns to vibrate only when receiving a call; Android 4.2.2; Acer Liquid E2


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Aug 10, 2013
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Hello, please if anybody has any advice on how to solve this issue. The phone turns to vibrate only mode when someone calls me.

Some background that might help to solve the issue:
If I just get a message or a notification then it stays in the general profile, but calling changes the profile to meeting. It might be some application or something but don't know what. I tried uninstalling AVG antivirus as was suggested somewhere but no help. I am not exactly sure when this started to happen, but a problem might be that I used a Zedge ringtone but then I uninstalled Zedge thinking the app is not necessary anymore. I have installed it back recently and downloaded new ringtones but no luck. If I try to use the basic ringtones not from Zedge, no luck either.

One other thing that might have been a cause of this problem is that I had an SD card in the phone that stopped working, not sure if the ringtones were stored on there or no, but now I have a new SD card that does work