Phone won't boot to recovery mode?


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I have a Lenovo P770 and it's rooted. So my custom rom got busted coz of some things I do to try make it better. I checked something at CPU governor thing and it just hangs. So the thing is that when i boot up my phone, it goes well. Then after like 20 secs my phone hangs. I tried going to recovery mode to wipe data but it won't boot there. Volume up + power button, like always, won't work. It just lights up a little then it's gone. I installed SP Flash Tool on my pc to wipe its data. It worked. But this was the part when I realized that it was the rom that has the problem. How do I install a new rom if recovery mode won't work? I tried installing desktop flasher but I don't know how to find the scatter file(coz it needs the scatter file to flash it to my phone using my pc) in the extracted zip custom rom I downloaded. Please help meee it's been weeks that I've tried fixing this.


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Feb 12, 2012
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If you turned the CPU up too high, it's going to crash all the time and since there's no hardware setting for CPU speed, you mmight just have to replace the motherboard.

If you set it too slow, you can still reflash a ROM, but it might take days to flash.

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