Phone won't get out of safe mode


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Feb 10, 2015
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This happened twice this weekend - My Note 4 starts acting weird or freezing, and then when I restart it and it goes into safe mode. I've tried everything to get it out - Restarting it, turning it off, and hitting the Safe Mode tab in the notifications bar. Still nothing. I honestly don't remember how I got it out of safe mode the first time, but now it's been at least 18 hours and it's still in safe mode.

I heard that there's something with the volume button being pressed during start up that could put it into safe mode. If that's the case then I might know the culprit, my volume button is stuck and I have to control all the volume through a separate app. Sometimes the volume goes down on its own because of the way the button is broken.

Any thoughts?


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Oct 8, 2013
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Yup....holding the volume down button is part of the sequence during start, to enter safe mode. That is surely the culprit. This being a hardware related issue, your best bet is to let a professional change out your volume rocker, if not...and you want to brave it on your own, there are how to videos.

Here are some helpful links relating to volume button repair:

Hope this helps!