Phoneraiser and nexus 6 give aways!


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Dec 4, 2014
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Hello my name is glen my wife works for a company here in Colorado called the Griffith centers for children and abused women's shelter. Each year her work and runs a fundraiser around this time of year called in the phone RAZR and what it pretty much means is they try to raise phone and ask people to donate their old used phones that they do not use even if they are cracked as long as a call or text they are fine to give to the women that come into the shelter that have abusive relationships they give them this phone so that way if they ever are in trouble they can call for help and my wife's work pays for the services that they place on the phone so each year I post on XDA as well as android forums payphone razor of my own to bring in phones for them and I do a phone giveaway on Christmas Day every year when I do do this and the people that are entered into it are the ones that send in phones for the phone RAZR so for everything that you send in you get a name placed into the jar so if you send in for phones then you'll have four of your name in there and makes you four times as likely to win the the phone which this year is a nexus 6 last year was the Nexus 5 this year however I have two of them so 2 people will win the phones this year if anyone is interested feel free to comment on this thread and seeing how this website though since I have never done it on here before I will place her works address and suite number on here when that time comes thank you very much you can also pm me here
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