Phones with more than 15 volume steps?


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Sep 1, 2021
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Hi! I've seen quite a few Android users looking for a way to increase the number of volume steps on their phones to allow a more precise volume control. I myself have resorted to rooting my phone just to do that one thing. However, now I am looking for a new one (preferably something sub-$350), and I would like to find out which phones support this natively or have some first party-apps to tweak the number of volume increments.

The only two I know of:
  • LG V series offer that and would have be my first go-to option, but they aren't officially sold in my country;
  • Most Samsungs do that, but I'm not exactly a fan of their Android flavor;

There are some non-hardware based alternatives of course, but most I find too inconvenient:
  • Precise Volume app is buggy and does not work well for most
  • Don't want to root my phone again
  • A couple of custom ROMs support the feature I need (like Resurrection Remix), but the list of supported phones is limited + I would need to wait a year till my warranty expires to install one;
What would you suggest?
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Jul 7, 2013
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A point of note - LG are no longer sold as new in ANY country, LG exited the mobile device industry earlier this year.

My Pixel 4a 5G has 25 steps on the music volume.
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