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Photo Flip - new type Coin Flip / Toss / Heads and Tails


New member
Oct 21, 2011
Hello Team,

Being developer myself, I would like to give my own piece of - hopefully - helpfull in our daily lifes application, and share it with the rest of the world.

Getting straight to the point, I would like to introduce You to the Photo Flip application. In a nutshell, it's a Coin Flip / Decission helper application, that take the use
of smartphone capabilities and touchpads, at their best.

Why Photo Flip is different? Rather than flipping a simple coin, with a flip button that starts the random draw using the same animation over and over again, giving the people a chance to take 2 photos approach has been taken. After taking photos, a draw game is created using them. You can think of the first picture, as Heads, while the other one being Tails. The start of a draw, is just one slide of Your finger away. Based on the type of slide You did (fast, slow, short, long), the flip starts, and random algorithm (based on the acceleration and coordinates of the slide) begins to sieze the speed down, giving the final result. Giving The Answer.

As it sounds simple, I found the application being very usefull with our friends, while deciding who's going to get the lunch to the bar on the other side of the street today, or while
argueing with my partner who will cook today, and who have to wash the dishes after (as we both love to cook. The possibilities are endless, as You can take photos of everything You can't make Your mind on (get to work by bike, or take a bus?). The Answers for questions like this, can often be a great motivation for self-development, or even be crucial to Your future life and health!

The application itself is also provided with the database of funny, pre-Categorised pictures draw sets, that we may find hepfull during our daily life.
Photo Flip also gives the user function of saving their own picture draw set in the separate "Saved" cattegory, so later re-use is possible.

To give the user access to the photos they took before, using their Camera, Gallery button was created. Thanks to it we can choose 2 pictures from the SD Card, and for example make a draw, "Who should I call for a party tonight?", while selecting pictures of 2 long time not seen friends, why don't hook up tonight?

The possibilities are endless.

I sincerely hope You'll like the idea, and use this small funny app with joy and smile on Your face!

Please use the link below to get the actual application from the Android Market.




I would love to hearing from You if You find this application interesting, any feedback would be highly appreciated as well, as we all learn, and who doesn't ask questions, will not get the answers.

I wish You all the best!