Photo gallery is no longer loading photos properly. Some photos w


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May 20, 2012
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Hello guys, this is my first time here in the forums. Thank you in advance for your time. DROIDX2 is my phone. I notice when I go into gallery, and then into (photo) library, most of my photo thumbnails are no longer showing up. Instead, there is multiple generic looking icons. The strange thing is, there are times when maybe the first pic will show, and sometimes the very last, but then others times other pics will show randomly. If I click on one of the generic icons my pic will actually show up. I have no idea why this happened all of a sudden. It is very frustrating because all of my pictures are there ( I checked my sd storage and can see the photos there), however, the gallery will no longer load the thumbnails properly. I turned my phone off and turned it back on, but that didn't do the trick. Any suggestions? Thanks again