Photos on my phone blank/corrupted, what do I do?


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I'm not sure when this occurred but it may have been very recently after updating my phone to android 6.0. Just in case it helps I have a motorola moto G 3rd gen.
I stored all of my photos on my microSD card which was mounted to my phone.
After the android update it asked me to choose whether I was using the SD card to store media on this device (my phone) only or if it was being used as a means of media transfer between devices. I chose the second option, not sure if this is relevant but I'm including it in case it might help me find a solution.
Anyway, I'm not sure when it happened but I only noticed today. One particular folder in my pictures on my SD card is now empty, but the folder still shows up in my moto gallery, and all 64 pictures within it are still there, but they are blank and have no width/height or thumbnail, and if I try to edit them it says that the picture file cannot be opened. If I try to move them anywhere it doesn't work. The image files still have a file size though, rather than being 0.0B.
Have these photos been deleted? Is there any way I can restore the photos? They're very important to me and it would be greatly upsetting if I lost them. The confusing thing is, all the other photos on the SD card are accessible and not blank. I deleted all the .nomedia files I found after reading another suggestion, and it didn't help
Please, if someone can help me get my photos back I would seriously appreciate it!


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Apr 17, 2012
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Re: Help! Photos on my phone blank/corrupted

Did you happen to have this information backed up anywhere else? I always suggest having backups either on the cloud or on another hard drive (like your PC) -- If you didn't have these backed up then unfortunately this information is gone.

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