Picked up the One X yesterday, need some answers though.


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Jun 8, 2012
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After coming from a Bold 9900 I can honestly say this is one hell of an upgrade. Hopefully CB Kevin doesn't read this :p. Don't get me wrong I am going to miss the Bold 9900 keyboard but everything else is just icing on the cake.

I do have some questions. 1) Has anyone set up a home Telus email account? 2) I downloaded Temple Run but and gave it a go, but the character seems to be a little off center. Has anyone else notice this? Is there a setting that I need to adjust? The demo I tried in Best Buy I don't believe had this issue. 3) I was going to add my contacts, but some options came up and I believe I pressed the incorrect icon or button as I now have a bunch of Facebook numbers that I don't want. How do I get rid of those?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Apr 8, 2010
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1) Telus recommens that you set your 3rd party email client incoming server settings to ‘imap.telus.net’ if you intend to access your email from multiple locations or devices.

Use the regular MAIL client for this and select Other (pop3/imap) Manual setup, and select Imap. Then check the Telus Faq for the rest of the settings.

BUT: This is an Android phone, and you will be much happier in the long run using a Gmail account. (You can hardly own an android phone without a Google/Gmail account). Just have Gmail fetch all your mail from Telus and put it in a Gmail Folder for you.

2) You are on your owns there.. No clue.

3) Accounts and Sync,/ Facebook, / Uncheck Sync contacts.

Then simply delete any that are from Facebook.

Then, to prevent getting contacts stored all over the place, open the Contacts app,
tap the top left corner, and make sure only the GOOGLE one is checked. Uncheck, Sim, Phone, Skype, Facebook, etc. Just leave GOOGLE checked.

This puts all you contacts on google. (If you already have contacts stored on the phone, use the menu (three dots) to copy them from phone to Google.).

This way you can manage your contacts from your computer and they will sync to your phone. If your phone falls in the lake, you still have all your contacts saved in google. Never let the phone store contacts directly on the phone or sim.

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