Picture message issue after flashing Drew's cm7


Aug 20, 2011
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I recently Flashed to Drew's cm7 rom and it's working great.

Only thing is I can't send or receive text messages.

I was told that I need to dial ##32282# on my key pad to access a menu that will allow me to enable my picture messaging.

Thing is that nothing happens when I type the code.

Could this be a result of flashing to drew's cm7?

Thanks in advance!


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Jan 18, 2011
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The ## codes only work with Sprint based Rom so it will not work on Drew's CM7. Are you using the latest STABLE CM7, not the daily builds? I was able to receive mms on the stable CM7, don't remember if I ever sent an mms. I did have problems viewing the mms with the stock sms app. The picture would flash on the screen, play and disappear. Then I used Go SMS (which I have liked using previously) and it displayed the images fine.