Pixel 5a on Verizon Must be Configured CDMA-less


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Nov 30, 2012
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I remember reading about this when I first got my Pixel 5a back in August 2021. If you buy an unlocked Pixel 5a from the Google store (or elsewhere) and are on the Verizon network you must have Verizon configure your line to be CDMA-less. This is not something the user can do on their end, must be done by the carrier.

I ditched Verizon and went with prepaid from US Mobile. After porting over all 4 of my family’s lines I discovered to MY HORROR that I was unable to receive text messages. A call to US Mobile tech line and they fixed it on their end. All other family members phones were working fine.

Problem was my Pixel 5a needed to be setup as a CDMA-less phone on Verizon network. Verizon did this when I got a replacement 5G SIM card from them back in August, but with new SIM card from US Mobile it needed to be done again. US Mobile uses the Verizon network, so have same Verizon network coverage as before. A quick chat with a US Mobile tech and he fixed my problem.

BTW, I had been eyeing MVNO's for a month or so (Xfinity, Visible, US Mobile) and finally pulled the trigger and went with US Mobile. I chose them because they are on the Verizon network, they don't deprioritize data for 5G phones, and they have fantastic unlimited plans. For example, I'm on the new Unlimited Premium plan which comes with 100 GB of data (not deprioritized if you have 5G phone), 50 GB of hot spot data, unlimited text and calling, 10 GB of international roaming, and more. I went from sharing 10GB of data across four lines on Verizon for $174 a month to 100GB PER LINE on all four lines for $136 a month. The same plan on one line would cost $45 plus tax/fees or $49.98 a month.

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