Pixel 6 and 6P finally at Costco!


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Jun 23, 2015
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I waited a while after the Pixel 6 was available at the carriers for the Costco Phone Kiosk to catch up to the short inventory and start carrying the Pixels before I picked one up. But none came in. I waited a few more weeks, saw all the problems and decided to wait on whether or not I would even get the Pixel at all. Called Costco back, no Pixels. They said if they hadn't gotten them by then (end of January), chances are, they wouldn't get them at all. So I decided to move on to just buy through Verizon. Stuff came up and never took the plunge. Happened to be on Costco's website today for something else, and checked just for fun...low and behold, the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are now available! I think it's a sign ;).


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Nov 12, 2012
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Have you tried Google Fi? I've been enjoying my problem free Pixel 6 Pro on Google Fi since last November.

I went with Google Fi on a new Pixel 3, just before a two week tour of China in Oct 2019. I just decided that paying Verizon's overseas rates would be nuts. I had no problems with Fi or the Pixel 3 but kept Verizon for about three more months just to make sure Fi worked as I needed back in the US. I had had Verizon for about 20 years but finally transferred my number to the Pixel and cancelled Verizon. No problems.

My only potential issue is that I have not had a chance to check Fi out in some of the US boonies like the Desert Southwest where Verizon worked pretty darn will and AT&T and T-mobile would come up short. I have a feeling that Fi might also be lacking in some of those areas but with Covid, travel has been cut anyway.


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Jul 15, 2010
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From traveling, basically all the states west of the Rockies border I can tell you out here, Verizon is the hands down the best when in the boonies and there are a lot of boonies out here. (Can't speak for CA cause I never go near that place.)

If in or near big cities or basically east of the Rockies, they are both pretty comparable. But you noted the SW USA and boonies....

Just their coverage maps (not always noted for complete accuracy but something to go by) will tell you about traveling in the western boonies.


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