Pixel 6 Pro call ringing and answering delay and not the only issue


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Aug 7, 2022
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I've reset my cloudy white Pixel 6 Pro three times and I'm still having an issue when I receive phone calls. I'll press or swipe up to answer a call and it lags for a few seconds before I hear the other person. I've never experienced this on other android phones I've had since the original Motorola Droid which I still have in my garage in a tote. I don't enjoy receiving phone calls on my Pixel 6 Pro. It feels like it's thinking about what to do. The fingerprint is hit or miss and the phone get really hot if I have it charging and using Google Maps or hot-spotting and using the camera.

I had it sitting on my car cradle in the lower section of my dashboard away from direct sunlight and it got so hot I had to release my tight grip around the phone and grab it from the sides. The second time I was in my car I placed the cradle in front of the car vent and had the A/C running on a June summer day in Florida. I've also had issues that the screen wouldn't wake up when I tap on the screen or push the power button. It seems like an old Android phone that can't handle too many apps running in the background.

I ordered a Pixel 5a 5G from eBay and received it today and hoping I have a better experience. I had the Pixel 4a and was very pleased with it, I really like having a physical fingerprint reader or a fingerprint reader that's as fast as the ones on Samsung phones. So when the Pixel 6 Pro came out I surely wanted a new device with a bigger screen and I love the photos I took with the Pixel 6 Pro but the issues outweigh the good. I've always loved Nexus phones and the Pixel 4a was my first Pixel phone but the 6 Pro is really making me want to go back to Samsung Galaxy phones. I hope there's a fix in Android 13 for these issues. Cross your fingers!!!


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Feb 6, 2017
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I think Android 13 going fix lot of your issues that you have and some members here that had those issues like yours seem to be resolved

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! When you answer a call, do you see the call timer starting but still don't hear anyone? If you have Bluetooth headphones nearby, check the dialer screen and see what the call audio is playing through -- is it the phone speaker, or does it show that it's connecting through your Bluetooth? Lately I've been having an issue with my Pixel Buds 2nd gen connecting to my Pixel 6 Pro even though they're still in their case. So when I go to answer the phone, it thinks I'm wearing the buds, so I can't hear anything through the earpiece speaker. I plan to send a bug report to Google about this.

It's not that unusual for any phone to overheat inside a car while using it for navigation (or Android Auto in general) if it isn't being actively cooled. The hot summer months just exacerbate this. I don't know all the details of when your phone was getting hot while on a lower section of the dashboard, but if you were actively using it for nav, that can make it heat up (and if cell signal was poor at the time, that can make it worse).
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Jan 11, 2013
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I noticed a delay in calls when I am on Wi-Fi Calling and I'm out in the yard where the signal isn't as strong.

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