Pixel 7 Pro edge detection sucks!

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Dec 21, 2018
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Do you think Google can fix the horrible edge detection on the Pixel 7 Pro? I am very underwhelmed, especially by the cinematic video. The edges look blurry. When I'm at the gym, I always us my training partner's iPhone 14 Pro Max's cinematic mode as it feels like a professional camera with perfect edge detection around the subject.

This also applies to portrait photos, I feel even the old Pixel 4 had superior portrait photos. The Pixel 7's portrait mode feels like it was all done with software.



Oct 13, 2022
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I know that this topic is old, but... I do not think so. Because Google is releasing a new Pixels every year, I think, they are trying to bring some software bug-fixes and Android features and parallel is focusing on its successor. To be honest, I have had Pixel 3, 5 and 7 Pro and I have never seen or heard that Google drastically improved some photo/video features. They refreshed camera apps and its behavior and that was probably all.

To be honest, even if Google has taken a big step in improving video, unfortunately it is still not at the level that I would like to see. Videos taken with Pixel 7 Pro are still noisy even if there is enough light. This is possible to see on dark objects or backgrounds.

I hope Pixel 7 Pro was only a beginning and Google will improve video recording in the future.

According to edge detection - I would not call it "horrible", I have never had any big issue with it. It is not perfect but works better than what I saw in my wifes iPhone 13 Pro Max, so for me it is more than enough.

And what about Kino/Cinematic Mode? Oh, in my opinion Google wanted to show us that its flagship, Pixel 7 Pro can also do the thing what competitors can, but it is so limited that probably nobody uses it.

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