Pixel C or Sony Z3 Compact?

Rob Cousins

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Mar 10, 2013
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Hi all. I'm currently looking at buying a new phone and tablet. I have a Samsung Note 3 which has lasted me a while now and never let me down but it's time for a change. I was thinking of moving away from the Phablet and going down to the Sony Z5 compact and then getting a tablet to view media content etc. I travel a lot so a small tablet would be ideal for reading Kindle books on planes, watching a movie etc.

I was thinking of going all Sony and getting the Z5 compact and the 8in Z3 compact tablet. They're both very well priced at the moment. But would I bet better getting the Pixel C? It looks superb but I'd be worried it's too cumbersome for travel.

Is there any downsides for travelling with the Pixel C?


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Jan 11, 2011
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The downside would be it will be heavier and it is simply bigger. It is much easier to pack a 8" device instead of a 10" device. it wouldn't seem like it but there is a big difference in what they will fit into. In most cases a 8" device will fit into any carry with or carry on bag or storage. That simply isn't the case with a 10" device.

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Sep 21, 2010
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I've had a range of tablet sizes over the years, if you use landscape a lot the Pixel C is your best bet. For portrait lovers the smaller form factor works best, I found the N9 was the perfect portrait size but the tablet had too many performance issues for my tastes and use. I've settled on the Pixel C, its been great.

If size is a concern and you're a "thrower not a coddler" of hardware the Sony is the better bet, the Pixel C almost demands to be treated better than a tablet, and that's a bit annoying ... For example, I find I carefully open it up, pack it away, etc ... whereas with my N9 I wasn't as concerned.

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