planing to build somewhat custom rom from stock GB rom.


Mar 25, 2012
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so yeah. i have done so themeing and i want to take this farther.. thing is i'm a total noob to the coding process. if you have any idea what your doing (and your DeOdexed, if nobody is DeOdexed i can send out my files..?) then please help me.

1. what i want
2. what i have
3. overclock (as of now)
4. how to test what i have so far
5. How to help me out

1.) what i want (for starters anyway):
-1% battery mod
- swipe to remove notifications from status bar
- an overclockable kernel? i have managed to overclock my CPU to 1305 Mhz by modifying my build.prop and using quickclock advanced overclock..
- a Rom name.. i'm not very creative. Post a cool Rom name for this maybe guys? cmon, right now its SaberTooth though.
- native screenshot ability
- status bar toggles, maybe? like WiFi toggle, airplane mode, etc. like cyanogen mod
-CRT on animation enabled
- is it possible to port sense 4.0 accordion effect?

2.) what i have:
-themed status bar
-some BlurHome icon changes
-CRT off animation enabled (only off animation, not on.. Yet

.. yeah i fail..

3.) find ro.product.model=MB612 in your build.prop (located at /system) and change that line ONLY to ro.product.model=XT720. this will trick most apps into thinking your xprt is a Motorola milestone.
you must do this because quickclock advanced overclock doesn't allow the overclock unless its a device that they tested, witch of course the XPRT wasn't tested.. then download quickclock advanced overclock, click calibrate,click automatic, check everything and press proceed. when it has finished do back to the main menu and click overclock and set ur values. mine are
1305 MHz 74 vsl
1000 MHZ 56 vsl
600 MHz 36 vsl
300 MHz 21 vsl
stability buffer: 15

click set CPU and keep.
after you have tested to make sure its stable, open the main menu, scroll down click advanced, boot, delay by (anything between 5-30) seconds, and enable it.

4.) NOTE:do not do this unless:
-Deodexed ( {might help if ur lost? if ot i guess ill upload my DeOdexed files?})
-Running Gingerbread
-Using Sprint (maybe, not sure correct me if i'm wrong)
-Have backups. (clockwork-mod, and backup Ur current framework-res.apk, systemUI.apk, and BlurHome.apk -- in mine my .9 patches are screwed up and you cant compile them correctly anymore)

download the attachment and extract it. copy and paste framework-res.apk to /system. fix permissions (mine are rw rw rw, not sure if its supposed to be) and then paste it into /system/framework. (phone will auto reboot)
copy and paste BlurHome.apk and SystemUI.apk to /system, again, fix permissions, (mine are rw r r for BlurHome.apk and rw rw rw for SystemUI.apk) then copy and paste them one at a time to /system/app. (i believe they get force closes as soon as you copy, just lock screen, unlock and then power off phone and back on, then copy in the other app.)


5.) If you downloaded what i have and change anything you feel is for the better, reply with the .apk you changed attached (any .apk, not just the ones i gave out) and tell me witch files inside the .apk were changed and there locations.(just so i can pull the modified files out and add everything to My current .apk)

i need like.. a team :p


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