please HELP ASAP..i think i bricked my phone


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Aug 11, 2010
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I have a original nytouch 3g rooted, just flashed to the cm6-rc2, it worked fine EXCEPT there's NO market app and gmail app. so i went online to ask and some1 said to install market and gmail i need to have Gapps installed and he showed me to go to Rom manager to get those. I went there and saw google app but to be able to install it, it said i must have the ClockworkMod installed first, so i did then it prompt to reboot the phone...i hit OK to reboot it and the phone just got STUCK on the Booting loop, never got to the home screen, i assumed i bricked the damn phone. basically, iam screwed..please anyone help me to fix it, PLEASE..thanks alot