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Please help Ipad to S4 ASAP

j birdfx4

New member
Dec 4, 2013

I just switched to S4 from a Blackberry for 3 years as I have been I Guam for that long and there is no 4G there. Back to the states and new smartphone is taking time to learn. How can I transfer my music from my Ipad2 to my S4 WITHOUT a computer? My computer (HP) that has my iTunes is back in Guam waiting to be packed up. All I have is my ipad with tons of songs and would like to get them on my S4.

With as smart as these phones are there has to be a way!!

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! You'd think there'd be an easy way, but remember, you're also dealing with the huge barrier between the iOS and Android ecosystems. I don't know how accessible the actual music files on your iPad are, but if you can access them, maybe you could upload them to Google Drive or Box or some other cloud service from your iPad, then access them that way on your S4.