Please Help Me. Need professional answer and advice

James Zigler

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Jul 19, 2018
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PLEASE HELP ME!!! My "secure settings" app is showing (I'm pretty sure) that I am oftenr connecting to wifi. I do not have nor use wifi access. for instance it will show. *WiFi (0) -next line-wifi (1) on monitor option under my drop down notification menu. How do I find this and who's it is?.. more importantly how to prevent it? Please help me. My phones are constantly being hacked by I assume mwy brother. grown man with too much time and boundary issues. Please help me!!!!
I jist got this phone and the other day it synced with my mothers phone and I had apps shown with little circle back arrows in the corners that I could not access. (maybe fing??) . I saw a halfway played solitaire game which they both play. I assume they use her phone to hide their identity. how did it sync with her phone?? how does he keep doing this. I found a cysco "explorer" box outside ..old..but looking through vents it looked quite new inside. (no laptop or computer...due to it being hacked..realised when it was being gpulled onto a wifi I could not identify....I know right. ) I really need some help to avoid any more insanity. my phone shows no wifi connection.. but it does flag on..the symbol and back off sometimes when I power on. I cant find anyone to help much at all at computer stores. and I am just ready..after two years..many phones..comp... to turn him into the authorities...beck when I google that they pretty much act like its hale way not illegal..especially since no financial theft is occurring. oh I found a program "Rev & Venn" running on a "broken laptop" in my house where he use to also live w me and other things like devices that record.. maybe 25 old cell phones.kept just showing up. and when my phone synced... I noticed a Pokemon hidden locations... (this dude is 40) and when looking at pokemon apps..a few down..maybe because if sync I noticed ""Venn" tracker" app. It has literally developed paranoi issues withinmyself.. I really just vented.. but first and foremost I at least want privacy on my phone..start with that.. Thank you