Please Help, Speaker/software issue on Galaxy S4, can I get some help?


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Jul 31, 2015
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Please Help, Speaker/software issue on galaxy s4

I own a samsung galaxy s4 (GT-I9505) Android version 5.0.1 and for some reason the external speaker will become really quiet on its own, once it does this, the only way to get it back to its full volume is to switch the phone off and on again. It's driving me crazy, I miss calls and texts and worst of all, if it happens through the night, I sleep straight through my alarm clock because it becomes so quiet, I just don't hear it.
I've no idea if this is a problem with the speaker or some sort of software glitch but I really need to get it sorted.

If anyone could help me, I would be so so so grateful. I've googled this issue to death and I'm struggling to find any sort of resolution and I really can't afford to pay for a repair, so any advice would be seriously appreciated.