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please i am in need of ocean model t4 firmware please share if if you have it thank you in

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Actually it was a friend who gave the phone and it was locked that it was asking for unlock pin. I tried factory reset to wipe all data including the unlock pin but it didn't allow me as it threw the error command not found,i decided to used dr.fone but the phone isn't supported by the software,,it was there i decided to change the rom. i succeed but i think the rom Ocean OC1 Stock ROM Firmware and Ocean OC4 Stock ROM Firmware are incompatible as when i power on the phone it is displaying blur screen,i also think it is in boot loop.i have attempted to look for the exact firmware for ocean model t4 but i haven't seen any on the internet, that why am asking if anyone has the rom for that exact model to share it or give some support. Thank you as you offer the help