Please someone help me, this is driving me insane!!(Music Transfer)


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Sep 30, 2013
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Just picked up a nice new S4 after using my BlackBerry Z10 for sometime(which was a nice phone, shame about the app support being dire) Anyway I have en external hard drive full of music albums which are all labelled correctly. I have albums like Foo Fighters which have several folders inside the one main folder for each album, and other folders which are just a single album by name. What's happening is that upon dragging and dropping a load of music folders onto the memory card, some of the artists names are appearing in the music player app, and a lot of going into the unknown artist area despite them all being labelled correctly and no different to those that are showing properly. I have made a folder called Media which is hosting the music files, I read somewhere that this is what it needs to be called in order for the S4 to recognise the files to play them back otherwise they won't be seen.

This is driving me mad as I've had nothing but issue after issue with trying something as simple as putting music on this S4 and being a Mac user I've had to resort to using an old Windows laptop just to get it to work properly as Kies was doing similier things, Android File Transfer don't work at all(keep's saying disconnect and reconnect device) and it can't be recognised as a Mass storage device when plugged it either-this really isn't what I expected, and it's very annoying!!

Any help would be appreciated, Is there a mac app that can sort this out? I can't see what's causing it to happen?



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Sep 16, 2013
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The unknown artist is because the phone read id3 tag from the mp3. What you need is id3 tag editor for mac to edit the artist name and song title.

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Mar 9, 2012
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Are all of the files mp3? Android sometimes has problems with other types of files like wma. But since you mentioned a Mac, I'm going to assume they're mp3 or AAC.

Android has historically had problems reading ID3 tags, but I thought they had ironed those problems out. Which music player are you using--Google Play Music, the stock Samsung player, or some other 3rd party player? I have found that Google Play Music organizes things correctly now, so give that a try if you haven't already.

If you're still having problems, try a music player that uses the folder hierarchy rather than ID3 tags. MortPlayer is good, and others have also suggested Folder Player.

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