Pocketnow chooses V20 as Best Flagship 2016


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Oct 8, 2013
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It really is a great phone. They need to work on marketing their phones better though. I hadn't even really heard about this phone and I was eating brunch at a restaurant one day with my fiancee and someone at the table next to me had a V20. I couldn't stop looking at it so I asked her when I was leaving what it was and she told me "it's an LG V20." I started doing some research on the phone and read great things so I went into the store to play with one and ended up paying off my S7 Edge and trading it in early so I could walk out with the V20. Lol


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Apr 17, 2012
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Have no fear.... Someone will come in to burst your bubble

Someone may come in and disagree but that is normal for a forum, no? ;). The only thing that maters if if you enjoy your phone since you're the one using it day in and day out.. Not the other person posting.


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Mar 15, 2014
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The V20 is definitely a great device and maybe even an underdog since most people were expecting the 3 obvious contenders (iPhone, Pixel and S7 edge)

I personally think it's deserving of the top title. The 2nd screen is innovative and the audio capabilities is great. :)

I have a feeling that Samsung will take the top spot for 2017. Looks like they have some exciting stuff coming!

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