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Jul 24, 2012
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Just received my Poetic GraphGrip case/wrap.

Just some quick impressions.

It is not as soft as I was hoping for as the AMAZON POETIC GRAPHGRIP details state "new high quality silicone"....so I was expecting a much softer "grippier" rubber. It feels between a firm and soft rubber. It is slightly slippery like the natural back of the 2013 N7, which i find to be slippery in my hands.

It fits well and the cut-outs are in the right places. I would say this is not going to get all loose and flimsy like the softer thinner rubber ones tend to do. It seems to be a good middle ground as far as the fit and possible stretch goes.....it is not hard to fit the N7 inside the edges of the lip all the way around when inserting the N7, and also I get the impression that it will not deform and allow the N7 to move around or fall out of its fitting.

-Total thickness of the N7 with this on is about 9mm, with a 3mm lip above the screen edge.

-This raised outer edge leaves about 4mm of the bezel still showing along the long sides of the N7, and about 19mm along the short side bezel to screen edge.

-Power button is much easier to find and feel with this cover then off for me. No problem feeling or using the volume rocker as well, though not as pronounced as the power button only because of the indented "Graph or grid grooves" surrounding the power button extrusion.

- For its current cost, or the super pre-order deal I got.....no way can you think it is not worth it if you want a simple wrap/covering like this style.

I would actually like using the N7 with this on as opposed to using it naked as it just seems to slippery or thin for me to use. I like the raised edge feel and grip with it on so my big clumsy fingers work better. Though I would like to find a softer grippier version, the Bobj one (when it comes out for the 2013 version).. is something I may consider...but the cost of $20 may be more than I want to dish out. My one need for a case like the heavier and thicker Bobj one is to allow hanging on to the N7 while in landscape mode playing a game. The really thick raised screen edge it has would allow me to hold the tablet better with less mis-touches of thumbs playing a few games where you need to tap a lot, or at certain times in small screen locations.

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