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Poor audio sync while using Netflix and WWE app, but everything else works fine...


New member
Jul 5, 2014
I just switched from an iPhone 4S to an LG G2, and I am kind of bummed to see how poorly Netflix and the WWE app run on my new phone. In both cases, audio is about a second behind video, and it's really bothering me. Other videos apps such as Youtube work perfectly fine, and I'm certain my wifi isn't the culprit, because I've got 23 mbps download speeds using the Speedtest.net app. I've searched all over the web trying to find an answer, and LG customer service's solution of clearing the app cache and data, or re-installing the app altogether still hasn't gotten me anywhere. I love everything about this phone, besides this one glaring issue, which I never had on my iPhone 4S.

Does anyone know if there is a setting I need to enable/disable to get this audio sync issue fixed?


Jul 1, 2014
Exactly the same problem here. On my LG G2, the audio lag in Netflix is fraction of a second yet very annoying to watch the lips do not match the sound. I tried changing the viewing settings on Netflix to low quality but it didn't resolve the problem. I suspect the problem lies with the audio processing on LG G2. I also noticed skipped frames on Netflix occasionally.

The problem does not occur with my other cheap phone ZTE Awe on the exact same WiFi network with the same speeds.