Poor battery on samsuung s8


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Jan 15, 2018
I've recently moved from Apple after years to samsung. I've had my s8 for about 5 days and have to say I'm massively disappointed byvtge battery and iinterney speed.

I'm losing approx 5% an hour on nothing. Plus when I douse it I can basically see the battery going down.

Also the processor speed seems very slow.

I've contacted vodafokne and there sending me a replacement handset but can't see this being the issue.

Any ideas please help. I've already shut everything down and even turned it to 3g only.

Many thanks


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Feb 1, 2017
My advice would be to not try to optimize your battery usage : the S8 will on its own put to sleep applications that you don't need. Though, it take weeks for things to settle down.

And weeks after you finished discovering the device : as of know you are using it a lot more than you will do once used to it (you are installing applications, changing settings etc...). When you will use the S8 as you normally used your iPhone, you'll see battery life getting better and better.

Then only really useful tip to know is to carefully select the level of brightness of your screen : at night, move the slider to the level of brightness needed to see the screen without pain and finally put the brightness to auto. The screen is by far what is eating power most quickly.

As the screen is OLED : the more black on the screen, the less it will use power, so choose your wallpaper accordingly.

On my phone I have everything turned on : Bluetooth, wifi, 4G, NFC, Always On Display, Animated wallpaper and at the end of the day, I have 30% of battery left (I don't use games on the phone though : but everything else including YouTube and Facebook)

One usage is problematic for me is using the phone for GPS navigation in the car with Waze, it will drain the battery real fast and produce a lot of heat (and as such as the phone will lose battery more quickly even when finished using Waze...)


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Mar 24, 2016
It's amazing