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Possible G2 owner- Help!

Billy Jo

Sep 28, 2014
Hey guys!! I will make this short and sweet and I would REALLY appreciate any advice. I am currently an iPhone 5C user ( I know I know) anyways I get bored with phones easily and like to switch around a lot. I have someone who is wanting to trade their G2 for my 5C straight up. I previously had an LG Optimus G (loved it) so I am not "new" to lg or android.
That being said I had a note 2 for a week and hated it. I loathe touch wiz and just hated the phone. From what I have read about the G2 it seems like a pretty great device. However, I went into the sprint store today and the sales rep told me he *wouldnt trade because the "G2 has a lot of software issues." What do you guys think?? Basically whichever phone I choose I need to get about a year or year and a half out of it before I can upgrade again.

Would you guys still recommend a g2?? Basically I just want a stable device (software wise) that will tide me over until my next upgrade.... But the G2 is such a beautiful device it is very tempting.

Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks (;


Well-known member
May 23, 2013
None of the 2014 phones released to date, make me wish to update from my G2. Maybe next year....

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New member
Sep 25, 2014
I've switched from Cyanogenmod based phone to Stock G2, and was scared a little, but after six months I still haven't found reason to root and switch to native android ROM.
So, no issues at all with ROM here. Haven't had any freezing or restarts so far, and phone runs smooth as it should.
I've upgraded from 4.2 to 4.42 through official lg tool immediately after buying phone, and now even improved camera drivers are accessible for non rooted ROMs


Active member
Dec 13, 2013
Best phone i've ever had, and will probably keep it until it breaks physically. Really dont see a reason why i should get a new one. A friend told me to change it and get a samsung so i could get fingerprint, but i was like b*tch please, knock code is way more awesome. What im trying to say is get the G2 and be prepared to get your mind blown, just kidding its just a great phone, your mind will be fine, but impressed never the less

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Well-known member
Jan 30, 2010
I still have my G2 BUT I made the switch to the HTC M8. Hands down its a better device. I do not want to knock the G2 because it is a great device in its own right and I like the fact it's a 5.2" screen versus the 5 from HTC. That said the HTC screen is sharper and the processor is far snappier and it takes much quicker photos. Build quality isn't even comparable as HTC owns that arena amongst all device manufacturers. I am probably in the minority not thinking the G3 was a worthy enough upgrade for the G2 but I think you'll find the M8 to be one of the only android devices that could lure anyone away from their G2 given the option.

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