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Sep 25, 2011
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I've recently updated my Xperia tablet Z to the 4.3 release. I think I prefer updating via the PC Companion utility that Sony provides instead of using OTA methods.

With that being said, I'm impressed at the optimizations that they have made with the latest update. The UI lag is all but gone and the transitions are very smooth (i.e., swiping between panels, portrait to landscape transition). The subtle UI changes are much appreciated along with the changes made to the skin themes. The look and feel seems more polished and consistent throughout the various interfaces and menus.

I do miss the quick-launch dock that you could pin shortcuts to, unless they changed how it's implemented. Also gone are the weird animations (jiggle effect) when moving icons around. The major downside I had was the system lockups that I encountered after updating. When I locked the tablet, I could not unlock it without holding down the power button for several seconds. Even after unlocking, it would not respond to screen inputs. I ended up doing a factory reset to resolve it. I do wish that their backup functionality would include the current configuration of the home screens and the applications that were currently installed. This would make it easier to restore my last configuration. I'm used to how HTC's implementation that does it in that manner.

For now, I don't see myself having a need to upgrade to a new tablet in the near future, since Sony has addressed my few gripes with this latest update. I doubt I'd notice the better hardware specs of any future tablets since they have optimized this one so well. My only disappointment is that I think they priced the 16GB version about $100 too high. I still love it regardless.

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Jan 30, 2014
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I live in U.K and my Sony tablet Z has Android 4.1.2 and it says my software is up to date....

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Mar 16, 2014
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I love the new 4.3 it runs a lot smoother, one of my favourite features is the ability to change the themes including the menu and button's, the only downside is a little flickering bug that effects the keyboard with chrome, apart from that it's great.

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