Pre-Order vs. Activation: Contract Start & Unlimited Data


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Aug 23, 2011
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I know what Verizon said...."pre-order your GS3 and your unlimited data is safe". Now I'm not calling them a liar, in fact I hope they are telling the truth so that those of you who pre-ordered are not disappointed, but it just doesn't make sense.

Your contract with Verizon does not start until your phone is activated. So if Verizon was to move to shared data plans before you received and activated your GS3 they technically would not have to honor the unlimited data. Some of you may recall that last year when they stopped offering unlimited data plans there was a rush to activate phones before the cut-off. Some people didn't activate until afterwards and missed out on the unlimited plans.

Verizon has the right to make an exception for the GS3 pre-orders if they want but I'd hate for people to start thinking that all pre-orders or regular orders will be treated the same way.

Me.....I'm waiting awhile for the announcement to see when the change will be effective. I have the $20 data discounts on my 4 lines but 3 of them aren't eligible for upgrades right now. I'm hoping to be lucky enough for the change to not happen for a month or so and then maybe I'll be close enough to get an early upgrade since I'll be moving all 4 lines from 3G to 4G phones. If not, off-contract purchases for me.

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