preinstalled Chinese app removal


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Jul 31, 2013
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I recently bought an Ainol Novo 7 Crystal QuadCore tablet off eBay. It runs great and I am very happy with this budget tablet. It runs 4.1.1. The box says it was intended to only be sold in china, hong kong & Macao. It has several apps that are in Chinese. Here is a list of most of them:
CNTV- looks like china TV
2 Baidu apps
Several apps with a Chinese symbol followed by "HD"
Google pinyin - looks to be a way to input Chinese writing

My question is:
Is it okay to remove these apps? I've noticed several have basically permission to everything. I don't really care for apps with permission to do anything yet I have no idea what the apps are actually doing. Any help would be appreciated.

Jutta Carl

May 18, 2013
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You should be able to open each under Settings, open each app onto home screen and physically move up to uninstall. In the event the app is important to the tablet or OS you will only be able to disable it. Take your time and go slow until you have removed the apps you dislike. You can also download ALL IN ONE TOOLBOX from the app store which is free and great for clearing apps, history, cache etc. from your tablet. Good luck and enjoy your new tablet.