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Dec 17, 2016
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This green colour highlighted information is software ipfate related info with no privacy issue or someone stranger after get this information can cause s7 edge owner privacy?


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Nov 14, 2012
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Am asking this green encircle highlighted info "version etc"

What is this and if we publish our s7 edge this info on net then is it can any privacy or hacking cause issue for s7 edge owner?

The version number information you have highlight is just an identifier for the software about to be installed on your device. With all the different variants, regions, carriers, etc. there will be a ton of different version numbers. If this came OTA (which it looks like) from your carrier, then I'd go for it and install it.

The version number cannot be used to hack your device or steal your personal information.

Here's what you should keep safe at all times: Full name, mobile number, IMEI number, IP Address, MAC Address.

If you go out and download software that did not come from your carrier or Samsung, then yes, it could put you at risk.