Probably Moving to Nexus 4 or Samsung Note 2


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Jan 8, 2012
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Well, it's been a nice journey. I had fun with the Infuse but I have to let it go.

I guess once you get a taste of the Jelly Bean, you can't go back. I had installed the CM10 unofficial Infuse ROM and loved it. However, after about two months of use, it went wacky on me. wifi dropped for no reason. Connecting to AT&T became problematic. I spent a few days trying various fixes.

Then it dawned on me: I would rather spend the time I was messing around trying to get it to work playing with my son...or doing just about anything else.

So, I reverted to stock but I miss JB. So, I am going to get either a Nexus 4 or Note 2. The Nexus 4 is probably what I will end up with because I always want the latest software but I don't want to wait till a manufacturer like Samsung decides it will do it. I got a Lenovo tablet last month and it is running ICS and there is no word from Lenovo on when or if they will upgrade it. Last time I make that mistake.

So, any advice on the Note 2 or Nexus 4?

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