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problem after downgrading firmware on huawei honor 7 (PLK-L01)


New member
Sep 18, 2022
Hello! I have a problem with my Huawei Honor 7 (PLK-L01) phone. It was with emui 4 but then it had become slow ( not working well ) and I decided to downgrade it from emui 4 to emui 3. I downloaded the firmware, connected the phone with a usb cable to the computer, created a dload folder and put the UPDATE.APP file in it . Then I turned off the phone, held the volume + , volume - and power buttons and the phone starts installing the firmware until it's at 100% and the phone had to restart and it won't turn on anymore ( I hold the power buttons, nothing happens, i connect it to the computer with a usb cable, but the computer is recognized only by test points.)

For your convenience, I will leave a link to the video from which you followed the instructions! I will be glad if you help me!


B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! I probably won't be able to help much, but where did you obtain the firmware file? Are you certain it was from an official Huawei source, and that it was intended for your specific phone variant? (Sometimes a phone can have several variants, and installing firmware intended for a different variant can cause problems.)