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Problem at the Sound on the Samsung S4 mobile


AC Question

I have aproblem with my S4.
No sound at all. Not in the speaker, Not in the Ear phones and not at the Ear of the mobile.
I think it is since i update the HW and Fremware.
How to Do a hard Reset ? what can be the problem. which part is it ? where is the Audio processor on the S4 board.
Does anyone has a boars parts description ?

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Dec 24, 2013
Sometimes merely a reboot works. There may have been a problem with the sound card failing to initialize.
If that doesn't help, and if you are still under warranty, go to samsung.
Try a factory reset
Backup all your contacts, pictures and important data.
Get into recovery mode (check it on Google how to, its on a per phone basis, but usually pressing all physical buttons works)
Then wipe data in recovery mode.

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