Problem - Directly connecting Garmin 500 to Android phone


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Feb 19, 2017
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So, some context for you. I am cycling across America in June and I am looking to record each days ride using my Garmin 500 GPS device, so I can upload the rides onto Strava (

However, I will not have a laptop with me and I do not know when a computer would be available for me to upload. So I thought perhaps if I can get the GPS files on my phone I can upload to Strava from that... and it turns out you can; this video does just that - (I tried to add link, but this forum wil not allow it - but you can find it if you google 'connect Garmin 500 to phone')

So I then bought myself a USB A 2.0 Female to Micro USB B Male OTG (I tried to add link again, but this forum doesn't allow it).

To my frustration it doesn't work! When I say it doesn't work I mean when I connect the cable 'USB connector connected' flashes, whether or not a USB device it connected (I have tried my Garmin 500 and a USB storage device).

Can anyone help me on this issue? It would be greatly appreciated!

Oh, and I have a Samsung S3 GT-i9301i Neo.

Thanks very much,

p.s. I am not to savvy on Android related things, so if you can help at all please can you make it fool-proof! Thanks again!