Problem transferring files BACK ONTO SD card from PC (Note 3 files)


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Jan 25, 2011
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My Sandisc 64GB SD card went kaputt last week, it froze at 33GB, luckily the existing files are all ok and I was able to copy all the files onto my PC, however nothing new can be written to it. I've tried formatting with no success. So I copied the files onto the PC and just got a new this time Samsung 64GB micro SD card. Problem I'm having now is that on several attempts it's failed to copy the files back to my SD card (from PC) I've formatted the card in the Note 3..the music files about 4 GB transferred just fine, the problem seems to be with the Pix and Videos. I'm currently trying to copy the DCIM folder back onto the micro sd and it's saying it'll take 6 hours.

I have tried: copying from PC to micro SD in the phone via USB
copying from PC to micro SD in SD card adapter plugged directly into PC
copying from PC to micro SD in USB adapter plugged into PC

all results the same :(

can someone help...still pissed about the first SD card breaking, then I read online that the 64gb sandisks are no good...

On a side note the corrupted/broken sd card still works fine in my phone now, again just cannot ad anything to it, at this point I'd just like to copy the old files onto the new microsd and move on!

Tmobile Note3:cool:

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! What is the SD card format? If it's FAT32, there's a 4 GB file size limit. With the SD inserted into your computer, use Windows Explorer and right click on that drive, then click Properties. It should tell you how it's formatted. If you want to store files that are >4 GB, it would need to be formatted in NTFS or exFAT, but some devices aren't compatible with those formats.

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