Problem with Instagram Editing on Alcatel Idol 3 (4.7), Android 6.0.1


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Aug 2, 2018
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[Before people suggest I upgrade a to newer phone, know that I use this phone as I am limited as to how heavy the phone is and this one is relatively light (110 gr).]

I'm a photographer so I'm daily posting photos on Instagram. I use the Instagram editing tools that are available past the pre-defined filters. In practically every version I try (using apkmirror to get older versions), the app will hang while using the editing tools. This is so annoying. If I go back to version 9 it is stable but now a lot of features don't work or aren't yet available. The annoying thing is that I had a recent-ish version that was working, but I stupidly allowed an upgrade and it broke again. I now keep track of all version numbers I try but don't know what that working version was.

When I google this issue I never encounter anyone else reporting this problem so other that keep trying different versions I'm stumped. I have just seen an Alcatel version of Instagram but it is for Android 8+ and didn't work for me. So any suggestions would be appreciated.