Problem with my photo memory card in my Samsung S3

Margarita Figueredo

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Nov 26, 2014
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Dear you all,
I tried to see the pics in my old 2 GB memory card of my phone. When I put it on the phone I only saw the the pics of my new 16 GB memory card. It is even more weird that when I took out the memory, so technically it should not show me any pic I still saw the pics of the 16 GB memory card.

My question is> How can I see my old 2 GB memory card photos on my phone?
Thank you very much,

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! The pics you're seeing from the 16 GB card are probably just the thumbnails--if you tapped on them, they probably wouldn't increase to full size, if the 16 GB card had been removed. Did you Unmount the card before removing it? You can find that option in Settings>Storage. It's wise to Unmount before removing an SD card, because if you remove it while it's in the middle of writing data, you could corrupt the card.

On the 2 GB card, are the photos in their own directory? Check to make sure there isn't a file called ".nomedia" in that folder, which would instruct the system to ignore the folder when scanning for new images. Also, when you plug the 2 GB card in, is it just that the photos aren't showing up in the Gallery app? Can you see the if you use MyFiles or some other file manager app?